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small child ready for music program

About Music Together for Mondadnock Families

I LOVE the Music Together® program. Claire took it when she was under a year until she was 3, and I absolutely credit it with developing her fabulous musical sense! So glad we have a local program!
– Kate O'Conner, MT Parent

"This class is so much fun! My son and I get silly together. He twirls and jumps and runs around, and no one minds when he finds his own way to enjoy the music. Some of the songs really grab him, and some he just watches while it inspires others. All of it is great! We really have a nice time! Thank you!"
– Vicki, Music Together Parent

"My daughter lives and dreams about Music Together. It is all she talks about, it is the only music we sing and she has every CD memorized. Music Together has become a daily part of our routine. We took several music together classes in Florida prior to moving to the Keene area. None have had the affect on her that your class has. I can only attribute this to your teaching. She tells me you're "cool" and she "loves" your class. I must admit, I can understand her feelings. Your classes are invigorating. Your energy is infectious. My partner and I battle over who is going to take her to class because we enjoy it as much as she does. My daughter is what some would consider "over scheduled" but I dropped another activity for her so that she could attend your class. We have not been disappointed. We are so very excited and pleased that you are continuing on w/this and look forward to many, many more classes together. We wish you continued success."
– Teresa, MT Parent

"I just cannot say enough about how much our whole family loves the program! It was the best investment we made for our children's development as well as for our parent-child relationships and also our sibling-sibling relationships.  We have so many special memories that are sparked by the music, and the music has even turned rough moments into joyous ones."
– Stephane, MT Parent

"I can see so many ways that the program has just woven into her life. She loves the songs and I really think that it's helped with her language. Watching her is one of the best things I get to do and when something makes her that happy, I'm delighted. We enjoy it so much!"
– Jo, MT Grandparent

"Thanks, Nancy! He really loves music and I do think that the classes have something to do with it. A woman in Friendly's commented to us on how it was obvious he was musical. (He was dancing to the restaurant music in the high chair.) He has also learned Music Together CD and constantly asks us to play it! It is great! We look forward to another session."
– Allison, MT Parent

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