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Music-Based Workshops for Team Building and Staff Development

Nancy’s work is based in the belief, and her experience, that everybody has music inside them that wants to come out, and that with the right kind of guidance we can all make beautiful music together. She has found that making music together brings out our best selves, highlighting and training us to be more supportive, cooperative, creative and socially intellegent. 

How can music-making help your business 
or organization to reach its goals?

• Improve morale & access your team’s passion and enthusiasm
• Improve creative problem solving
• Increase cooperation and team spirit
• Improve communication – both verbal and non-verbal
• Help you learn about your team’s dynamics and how to improve them

Music-Making is Full of Powerful Metaphors

Working creatively together to make sound and music is a visceral metaphor for working creatively in other parts of our life. Sharing musical and rhythmic ideas in an atmosphere of non-judgement is a hands-on lesson in how to create an environment anywhere that is "safe" for creative thinking. The process of coming up with a great musical idea and then letting it go or modifying it so that it will work with the ideas of our co-creators, is a lesson in cooperation that is not abstract, but rather immediate and sensory. The transition from working alone to working with others in pairs or small groups, all the while keeping in mind the greater mission of the entire group, mirrors the everyday challenges of the workplace.

When we learn through music the lessons stick be cause we are learning through all our senses, and in close connection with each other – these are the ingredients for a deep learning experience. 

The most effective music-based team building workshops are custom tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization, and include time for processing afterwards through conversation.

Call 603-721-1492 or email for more information or to set up a meeting. 

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